Nail Treatment Services

If you are concerned about anything nail related, book an appointment for a free consult and we can guide you in the right direction. We offer the revolutionary IBX Nail Treatments - this is a toughening agent that fuses the actual nails top layers to improve nail integrity under any gel polish coating or the natural nail to keep them strong so they can grow. The results are amazing and the proof is in the results. We also offer Bio Sculpture® Lavender Base, this is enriched with Lavender Essential Oil. It is a natural colored multi-functional conditioning base coat that is used on the natural nail to strengthen weak, dry, brittle and especially flaky nails. Aids in covering nail damage unlike other clear base coats and will help polish chip less. This is not under gel overlays. As well as using Bio Scuplture Cuticle Oil in the salon we also sell this for use at home, this conditions and strengthens your nails and works if you have gel manicures, acrylic enhancements or nail polish on your hands. We also stock in salon a large range of at home hand care and nail products.



IBX Treatment Manicure (30mins) - $60


ADD IBX Treatment to Gel/Polish Manicure - $20


File and Shape fisnihed with a Bio Sculpture Lavender Base treatment polish (15mins) - $30


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